Labor Force and Employment

Hollywood's job report indicated a 3.4% unemployment rate in October 2017. This rate was lower than the City's rate a year ago of 4.5%. Employment increased by 1,794 (2.3%) over the year, with employment of 78,309 in the City of Hollywood. The City's jobless rate was on par with the Fort Lauderdale Metro region and lower than the state rate of 3.6%. Hollywood's labor force is 81,070, which is up from 79,736 since January of this year. 

Local trends in the City contribute to overall regional improvements in the labor market. According to a press release by the Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance, "nonagricultural employment increased by 26,900 jobs (+3.3 percent) over the year". The top three sectors adding jobs were education & health services, construction, and professional and business services.

Data for the City of Hollywood is provided by Florida Department of Economic Opportunity